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The Sweet Magnolia Series by Amanda McIntyre

   Author Amanda McIntyre has just released her second book in The Sweet Magnolia series titled Fallen Angel. This is such a great series about the ladies at The Sweet Magnolia bordello and how they have to travel through time to find their true love. I was curious about how Amanda came up with this series and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

    Can you describe The Sweet Magnolia series?
This series highlights the fictional setting of one of the many bordellos that sprang up in the old mining towns back in western Nevada prior to the gold rush of California. Real places like Reno , Virginia City and the hundreds of little ghost mining towns that dot the mountainous landscape out there were inspiration for the storyline. To take this concept a step further, you’d have to understand that I love to get into my character’s heads and play around with them (twisted, I know;).  So I thought, “what if” the idea of traveling through time, had less to do with a machine, like a Tardis  (Dr. Who fans out there?), and more to do with a desire so deep that we perhaps aren’t even aware of what that is until we find it. In the case of my characters,” to find true love, they’ve only to travel through time.”  In short, it’s a juicy blend of sexy romance, science fiction and psychology—proving that no matter what the era, some aspects of love and human emotions—what we all have to deal with, in essence-- are timeless.

Why write about a bordello?
Yes, I admit, I have a fascination about the “soiled doves” of the Old west. In the front matter of Wild and Unruly, I explain it a little in that the formation of the western frontier was built on the backs (literally) of many of these women. Prostitution was different then, than it is now. Back then, there were fewer choices for women, and no services that helped women. In many cases, they were the strength of the small towns—keeping unruly miners at bay, the money they made (though given under the table so as not to show that the mayor condoned the lifestyle) built many a bank, church and schoolhouse in its day. These women, IMO, were strong in many ways—pioneers in business, the silent entrepreneurs’ of their time. A safe haven for abused women, they formed an inner networking and took care of their own. Some went on to establish lives as the wives of notable businessmen, while others served as mistresses to the wealthy gents and gunslingers of the day. It’s a part of history that few talk about and quite often these women are ostracized immediately because of their profession, but if you dig deeper into their stories, you’ll find that many were the forerunners to the emancipation of women.

 How much research did you do before writing this series?
I had visited the old mining towns near Reno several years before, and picked up several books on the subject of “Soiled Doves” and notable women who helped to forward the movement west in our country. Seriously, watching old shows like Gunsmoke, reading more about these women made me realize how little I actually knew and/or understood about prostitution back then.  I’d also done massive research on the “white slavery” aspect  of old London while researching my book, Diary of Cozette” about a young girl forced into prostitution in order to survive on the streets after escaping an orphanage that fronted a “white slavery” ring. I love researching history, perhaps in hope that by understanding the past, we can better prepare for the future.

Do you plan on continuing this series?
I would very much like to, yes. In fact at a readers conference a couple of years back, I did a round table brainstorming session with readers about the possibilities! I still have those notes and in writing these two books, have developed some other possibilities!

Available in E-book and Paperback
She's single, sequestered in a librarians job, and goes home to a three-legged cat every night. Is there any doubt why Lillian fantasizes of a cowboy to take her away from all of that? Instead, she live vicariously through the stories of the bawdy old west, until the day she finds a gorgeous red amulet that will change her life forever.

Sheriff Jake Sloan is Deadwater Gultches 'good son.' But even as the Sheriff runs for district deputy his heart yearns for the one woman he can't touch, not in the way he wants to. But Lil is a hard fantasy to cast aside, and when her life hangs in the balance, all rules get tossed aside, even if it means having to explain to the voting public, why he's sharing    her bed.

Fallen Angel
Available in E-book and Paperback
A hunger gnaws at Angel Marie Sutter to find the man behind the soulful music she heard played on piano at the Sweet Magnolia. Following her heart, desire takes her on a fantastic journey. When she becomes a witness to murder, she finds herself under the forced protection of a scarred detective. Her gentle healing brings the past to his present in timeless passion, but will she be able to hold onto this precious gift, or will a killer take it all away?

Shado Jackson is a lone wolf undercover cop carrying guilt over the death of his brother. When a mysterious, beautiful woman becomes eyewitness to a murder, his job is to protect, not fall in love. But when his brother’s killer again threatens to take what’s precious from him, Shado must find him before time runs out.

Whenever you embark on anything creative, it is the passion that gives spark to the flame of determination. My passion is in taking the ordinary and creating something extraordinary. It is what has fueled my life in many ways from an office career to motherhood, being a newspaper columnist and stepping into writing fiction. My love for penning"character-driven" stories-many of them romance- allows me to explore the potential and possibility that lives deep inside each of us.
Referred to by reviewer as a "true artist in the writing realm" I am humbled and also  challenged to stay fresh, be unique to my voice, and listen to my readers.
I am honored to be published internationally, in audio, in E-book and  in print. I currently write steamy contemporary and historical romance.

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Thank you Amanda for taking the time to answer my questions. 
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