Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chris Lange

Here are the books from a fantastic author. Chris Lange writes books with an edge to them, and I can not wait to read more in the future.

 My favorite so far:A woman, a man. Sausalito California 2011, San Francisco 1899. Although they live “an era apart”, their goal is the same: find her missing father. And so, they meet…
She’s a modern, laid back girl raised to do whatever she wants. He’s an uptight Englishman from the 19th century born to be dutiful. They only have one thing in common: attraction.

 The day has come for Anya to reclaim her life. Protected by an Amazon, she must go to legendary Palance, the city of her dreams. She has to leave her home without even knowing she was cursed at birth.
She is blind to men. She can’t see them, and they can’t see her. Except one.
 This story is so different from anything I have ever read. Love it!!

Who can stop a master vampire from expanding his territory?
Only one woman, born with a rare, invisible power, and hate for his kind deep in her blood.
Now she has to face the master who has become a legend.
His name is Gabriel.

This is one hot read. Gabriel is a ROCKSTAR!!

Sometimes bad decisions lead to big mistakes. Sometimes fate alone can do that.
Night has fallen on Anchor’s Town. As she goes to pick up her car, Jany is abducted by her ex boyfriend.
When she comes to she is trapped in a basement, locked up in chains, and naked. But before the night is out, her hazardous situation may not be the main issue.

Very steamy and it tugs at the heart also. I loved this book!!

Keep a lookout for Chris in the next couple of months, hoping to have her visit my Blog really really soon.
Check out her at   http://chrislangeauthor.wordpress.com/

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