Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let's Get This Started

Books are my get away, my vacation, and through them I have meet some wonderful characters. Being a stay at home mom I have a very ordinary life, but through my books I can escape from the housework and go to places I would love to go to in real life. Scotland with her Highlanders, Texas with her cowboys, Ireland with her Fae, and Louisana with her Valkerie,Werewolves,Witches,Ghosts and the such. I have also been in touch with some very real people too. Through social media I have made some good friends and gotten in touch with some of my favorite authors and they are all AWESOME!!! I wish I had the ability to write a great book like the wonderful people that I admire, but alas I am not that proficiant in the English language so I will Blog about my favorite books and help promote some of my favorite authors. I pose this question to you- What do books mean to you and why do you love them? I am in the process if reading a book now and when I finish I will chat about it. Until we meet again keep reading and writing those great books.

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