Thursday, June 16, 2016


This was my first time going to Lori Foster's RAGT.  If you have never attended and I highly recommend you go.  First off it is really affordable to register and for your fee we had all of our meals provided except for breakfast on Sunday.  The biggest expense is the hotel and we split it 4 ways so it wasn't to bad.  The number of free books that are given out is awesome. Swag everywhere you go, and fun and games with the authors.  On Friday and Saturday there were booksignings and the crowd was massive.  The longest line was for Karen Marie Moning, I chose to go on Saturday and the line was not as long.  I wanted to meet the other attending authors before I stood in her line.  On Saturday the awesome author JR Ward showed up as a guest of KMM and she took pictures and signed autographs.  One of the ladies that I attended with told JR Ward about her niece being a big fan and she had her call so she could speak with her. She is such a nice person.  I got to meet some of my Facebook friends and a couple of authors that I have been friends with on Facebook.  I will attend again in the future it is just 5 hours up Interstate 75.

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