Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Unwilling Baroness by Harris Channing

Welcome to Mamawolf's Romantic Reads today I am spotlighting An Unwilling Baroness

by Harris Channing


Three years ago, Chloe allowed her heart's desire to leave her. Now Jude is back, but between his mother, her father and the Baron von Richter, is she destined to become an unwilling baroness?
I read this book when I had the Harris Channing Read-a-thon and I have not been a big reader of Regency Novels so I didn't know if I would enjoy it. To my surprise I loved this novella. The characters and story pulled me into their world. This is a Regency Romance novella. I really loved this story. Chloe and Jude are meant for each other and are very well written. Chloe's father and Jude's mother are married so Chloe will not admit her love for Jude until he is gone. Her family is in financial trouble and want her to marry a baron from Germany. When he comes to call on Chloe, Jude shows back up with his fiancé. Great story!!

I am happy to be able to ask Harris some questions about the book recently.

What do you enjoy about writing Regency Romances?

What do I enjoy about writing Regency Romances...hmmm...I like the era. I love Jane Austen. I find her characters to be so charming and interesting. I fell in love, like so many others, with Mr. Darcy. I wanted to play in that world and with writing, I get to!

Where did the idea for this book come from, do you sit and write or do you an out the story?

Where did the idea come from? I don't know! It just came. No, I don't outline unless I absolutely have to! Being 'that sort of writer' does sometimes mean I write myself into a corner and that's when outlining becomes a must! Usually, I just sit and write.

Will the Baron get a story?

Will the Baron get a story? I think he should. He's a wonderful man...What do you think?

I think he defiantly needs his story told I so want him to have a Happily Ever After.

Who was your favorite character to write?
My favorite character to write? Good question! I enjoyed writing them all. But I have to say, Chloe was fun to write. There's a scene where she rushes to where Jude and Frederick are fighting. She assumes it's over her. When it's not you can almost feel her humiliation! Yes. I'm like that. I like to humiliate my characters! Keeps them humble!

If you love Regency or are trying it for the first time I highly recommend An Unwilling Baroness.

Thank you Harris for taking the time to answer a few.

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