Friday, October 11, 2013

Indie Romance Conference 2013

Last weekend I attended my first book conference in Lebanon,Tn. It was called Indie Romance Conference or IRC from here on out. It was an amazing experience. These ladies write their book, publish their books and promote their books without the publishing houses. That is simply amazing to me. I attended with Cindy Callaway and she was able to take a ton of pictures that I will be posting some of them here.
Me being a FANGIRL with Red

The first author I saw when I pulled into the hotel was Red Phenoix. She is one of my favorite authors and I love her books. I was all fangirl about getting to meet her and her wonderful husband. She was and is so grateful to her readers (fans) and she really lets you know it. Was able to have lunch with her and hubby and some of her readers and we all had a GREAT time. She hosted a chocolate party in her room the last night we were there and had a BLAST!! Thank you Red for making my first book conference the best it could be.  Love you and your husband.
A.R. Von helping with registration

I got to finally meet A.R. Von. Have you ever had one of those moments when you know you know someone, but your not quite sure. That is what happened to me when I saw her. I just stared like a crazy woman and I finally asked her name. I was thrilled!!!! Wish I had taken her up on the invite to go out Friday night because she got sick and didn't get to see her again. Next time definitely going to get tons of pictures and party with my girl!! Love ya Ava!!!!
Me, Lori Brighton, Harris Channing and Cindy Callaway

Next we met two Awesome authors at the pizza social on Friday night. Lori Brighton and Harris Channing. I feel so lucky to have met them. We had so much fun just talking and socializing with them. I feel like I have made two friends that I will see again soon. Love you ladies!!!!

We attended some very informative panels and I learned quite a bit about a variety of subjects. On Friday night we went to a panel on BDSM and had a demo from a Dom and sub. They showed how ordinary household items can be used and a sensory item in BDSM lifestyle. They call them pervertables I think. It was very informative. We attended some conferences on promotion, one called "Lets talk about Sex". That was interesting. We ended the conference with a dinner out at a mexican restaurant. We sat with some new people that we hadn't had the chance to talk to. It was so much fun getting to know different people. I am sure that I will run into them again. I am now addicted to these conferences. If you get a chance to attend or just go to the book signings that accompany these events just do it. You will have a BALL!!!!

Lunch With Red Phoenix and Readers


  1. We did have a great time! I loved the fact that ALL the authors were approachable and happy to see you. I found several new authors to read and of course some I had already read but had never met. I think this conference made readers, bloggers and authors feel very comfortable and approachable. Next year will be even better.

  2. Yay a pic of me made your blog!! I feel special! It was an amazing weekend and I am so glad I got to meet you!

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  3. I've just finished at the registration table and I'm picking up goodies. But I know that I'm standing there in the white shirt. Yay! It was so much fun. I met so many new writers and friends there. I can't wait until next year. And to think this was the first one. It can only get bigger and better, right?