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Rugged Hearts by Amanda McIntyre

Rugged Hearts is another fantastic book by author Amanda McIntyre. I couldn't put it down and had it read in less than two days and I am a slow reader. The main characters Wyatt and Aimee really play off of each other perfectly. Who can resist a rancher and the local school's Second grade teacher. This story has just the right amount of Sweet and Hot. Give this story a look and I don't think you will be sorry.  I give this book a five star review!! Waiting for the next installment in this series.

A sizzling new series packed with heart from Amanda McIntyre, RUGGED HEARTS—Book I, The Kinnison Legacy! Meet Wyatt, Dalton and Rein, the formidable men of the Kinnison Legacy and the women who will tame them!
Rugged, quiet, hardworking, Wyatt takes his position as head of the Kinnison family seriously. But the scars of betrayal by the women to whom he once trusted his heart now prompt his stark, simple game plan, and no one in hell is going to convince him any differently. What matters most, besides the welfare of his brothers, is to manage the ranch left to him and never risk his heart again to something as foolish as love—but after meeting Aimee, Wyatt begins to realize that a man should never say never to a determined second grade teacher.
When vivacious, resilient Aimee Worth loses her twin sister in a tragic accident, she makes the choice to live out her sister’s dream of teaching in the small mountain community called End of the Line, Montana, never suspecting she’d meet her Mr. Right in the middle of nowhere—he just doesn't know it yet. Used to challenges, her spirit shatters the perceptions that have kept him isolated from living life beyond the ranch, proving to him that when it comes to love, the greatest risk is not taking one.
Excerpt: Rugged Hearts, Book I of the Kinnison Legacy-Amanda McIntyre
(**set-up…Aimee is realizing that with the storm subsiding, this chance she has to tell Wyatt how she feels is coming to a close. It may be now or never…)
Aimee reasoned the rise in her emotional state was likely due to the fact her fantasy last few days were closing to an end and she’d have to return to reality. More than once, she’d pondered whether she would hear from Wyatt once their lives returned to normal. Preoccupied with her thoughts, she stubbed her toe against the heavy foot of the couch and stumbled forward. Wyatt reached out and grabbed her arm before she fell flat on her face. He smiled down at her. “Maybe the day is catching up to you. How about you sit here and I’ll bring us our drinks?”
She nodded, succumbing to momentary panic as she touched his arm. If she didn’t let him know how she felt, how would he ever know? This might be her only chance to do so. He glanced over his shoulder.
“Yeah? Is there something else I can get for you?”
Confronted by the fear that he might reject her, she fought to dislodge the words perched on the end of her tongue. His dark gaze swept over her, causing her thoughts to muddle. “I-I just want to….” Her heart thrummed against her ribs as she tried to unscramble the thoughts in her brain. He reached for her hand and pulled her into the dark entryway out of view in case anyone should awaken.
“I hope this is what you were thinking.” He circled his arms around her waist, drawing her to him. “Otherwise, this could get mighty awkward.”
A small sigh escaped her lips. Aimee reached up and drew his face to hers. Their mouths met in furious need. Hungry to appease the desire ignited between them.
“Is this moving too fast?” It was the last shred of reason she possessed. Wyatt left a trail of hot kisses down her throat.
“Tell me to stop and I swear I’ll try.”
“I should, God help me, but I need a minute more.” She grabbed his face and kissed him hard. He broke the kiss and searched her eyes.
“Good. Makes,” he kissed her again, “two of us.”
Each time his lips touched hers, the scant reserve she’d built up since the night in the kitchen came tumbling down. She grabbed his shirt, deep inside realizing that she wanted so much more than it seemed he could offer, but selfish need urged her on, needing these precious moments, even if they were all she’d ever have. Her fingers itched to touch him and slipping her hands beneath his shirt, her palms found his warm, muscled chest. A quiet groan emitted from his throat. He rested his forehead to hers.
“Do you have any idea how much I want you?” he whispered. His calloused hands eased under her sweater, sliding upward over her flesh setting her skin on fire. He closed his palm over her covered breast, kneading gently as his mouth met hers, tongues mating in the ancient dance. She pushed her hands though his hair, lost in his pleasuring, her body growing desperate with need. His fingers made short work of the snap of her jeans.
“We shouldn’t.” It was a weak admonishment at best. She pulled his face to hers in a searing kiss, effectively obliterated her lackluster warning.
“We’d be so good together. I know it.” His breath fanned against her ear.
Aimee swallowed a sigh. There was no doubt in her mind he was right.
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In the next 24 hours, Amanda will choose a winner for a signed hard-copy of Rugged Hearts to one lucky person who leaves a comment today on the blog. What burning questions do you want to ask this author? Now is the time!!


  1. Thank you Amanda for letting me host a blog for your amazing book Rugged Hearts. I really enjoyed it and can not wait to get Dalton's story!!

  2. What was it that made you write about cowboys and that time period. Which you do well.

  3. Sounds like a winner to me!!!!!! I love western romance!!!!!

  4. I just love Amanda and her books, they are amazing reads! Rugged Hearts seems like a great country read for the summer. Thank you Mamawolf for this giveaway! Amanda, your book cover model is so sexy! When will the next one is this series be release?

  5. The book sounds good, I love the cover.
    What do you have in the works to come next?
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. thank you Terry! I've written cowboys in both historical (Wild & Unruly) and contemporary western or a term I recently learned in Australia-rural romance. Either way, what I love is the attitude. Doing what's right, hard working, confident in their own skin, kind, and maybe a little unruly, now and again;)

  7. Thank you, this is a great cover, bar none;) and I'm glad to hear that there are those who enjoy reading about cowboys. I can't give a precise release date as yet, but some of you on the street team will be the first to know;)
    If any of you happen to want to know more on that, its simply a group of readers who help spread the buzz for my books. You can go to my website to find out how to sign up if you're interested. Its a fun group. I adore them so much!

  8. HI and thanks Lori! The cover gods have been good to me;)A
    In addition to Rustlers Heart, Book II in the Kinnsion series, I'll be publishing a series of short steamy romance stories this summer called 'Postcards from Paradise" and I have plans to release a historical erotic thriller down the road. I'll be attending Lora Leighs Raw in Sept and heading to Heather Grahams writers workshop in December.Wow...busy year;) Thank you for stopping by!

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  10. Congrats lorimeehan you are the winner of the Rugged Hearts book. I will msg you on FB for your address.