Monday, January 28, 2013

A Touch Too Much by Chris Lange

I am so happy to have Chris Lange on my Blog today with the release of her newest book "A Touch Too Much.  You may be thinking oh my not another Vampire story, but Chris' Vampires are not your sparkly vampires. Here I will let Chris tell you about her Vampires.
Another vamp story, oh yes!
I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of vampires. Why? Probably because they’re dangerous, powerful, exciting, and they have no problem breaking the rules of mortality. My love for them began with Angel, the dark sensual creature of the night who stalked the slayer Buffy in the shadows, and this little obsession of mine is still strong today J
I began writing A TOUCH TOO MUCH with a precise idea in mind then somewhere along the line a new character distracted me. I tried to push him away but what do you know, he kept knocking on my door. Knocking, knocking and pounding. I don’t usually allow myself this kind of distraction but, oh, God, he was so gorgeous, sexy and persistent that I was unable to resist his charm and I invited him into my book. So you will meet this ruthless vampire and I hope he’ll invade your dreams too J
Thank you, lovely Lorie, for hosting me today. It’s always a real pleasure and an honor. And to you all, happy reading!
Chris Lange
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A TOUCH TOO MUCH: Liv doesn’t have super powers or magic, not even special fighting skills. She isn’t a hero but just a normal girl living a regular life. Yet if ancient prophecies are to be trusted, she possesses the means to destroy creatures of the night.
One late evening, in a dark deserted parking lot, two men fight to the death. One wants to protect her, the other is intent on killing her. And he doesn’t appear to be quite human.
But in the real world vampires don't exist. At least not until one of them scents her. And pursues her. As she flees to save her life, she feels the power in her blood. The power that might eradicate a world of violence and darkness. The power that enchains her to the most ruthless vampire of all.      
               I have enjoyed all of Chris' book and this one will be no different. Her last vampire book "Gabriel" ROCKED !!!!!   Leave a comment and I will draw one lucky reader to win a copy of "Gabriel" on 2/3/13.                                                                                                                                                       


  1. Chris Lange is a new author to me. Thanks for the intro and a chance to win her book. I love big bad vamps!
    Lorimeehan 1 @

    1. Congarats Lori you won the copy of Gabriel by Chris Lange.